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For more information on purchasing CDs, contact Chuck at  Cost will be $10 each plus $2.00 shipping and handling in the USA and $3.00 outside of the USA.

Still Kickin’ – This recording represents a variety of tunes.  “Rock ‘n’ Roll No More” was just  released in June of 2010.

Click on the titles to hear samples:
1. I Want My Mama (1959 – C. Bené – Husez Music – BMI)
2. Come Back Baby (1959 – C. Bené – Husez Music – BMI)
3. Heartbreaker (1963 – C. Bené, A. Laino, Husez Music – BMI)
4. Dying to See My Baby (1964 – C. Bené, Drury Lane)
5. Rock ‘n’ Roll No More (2010 – C. Bené, Husez Music – BMI)
6. Sea of Love (1959 – P. Baptiste, G. Khoury)
7. What’s the Reason (Poe, Green, Tomlin, Hatch)
8. A Fool Such As I (1952 – Bill Trader)
9. Sea Cruise (H. Smith)
10. Ukulele Song (2010 – C. Bené, Husez Music – BMI)
11. Arizona Christmas (2008 – C. Bené, Husez Music – BMI)

Then and Now – The first three tunes were written by Chuck and performed by Rick Nelson.  The next six tunes Chuck wrote and performed.  The last three are tunes that Chuck just loves to perform.

Click on the titles to hear samples:
Rick Nelson – Written by Chuck – 1964
1. I’ll Get You Yet
2. That’s Why I Love You Like I Do
3. You’ll Never Fall In Love Again
Performed and Written by Chuck
4. I Want My Mama – 1959
5. Come Back Baby – 1959
6. Gonna Paint the Town – 2003
7. Won’t Go Through That Again – 2003
8. Hooray – 2003
9. Are You Havin’ Any Fun – 2003
Sung by Chuck
10. Down By The Riverside
11. Kansas City
12. I Know / Something You Got

Southern Nights – Collection of songs with a definite connection to the Southern United States; Country, Rockabilly and Dixieland.

Click on the titles to hear samples:
1. Down By the Riverside
2. Hooray
3. Won’t Go Thru That Again
4. My Blue Heaven
5. Are You Havin’ Any Fun
6. Southern Nights
7. Apple of My Eye
8. Roller Coaster Ride
9. Just Can’t Get My Fill
10. Kansas City
11. Let’s Get Together Again
12. Gonna Paint the Town

Name That Tune – recorded 2005. Features two acoustic guitars playing and ecelectic array of songs that you’ve heard over the years.

Click on the titles to hear samples:
1. One For My Baby
2. Under Paris Skies
3. After You’ve Gone
4. Beginning to See the Light
5. Beyond the Sea
6. Birth of The Blues
7. Blue Bayou
8. Charade
9. Dream a Little Dream
10. Hit the Road, Jack
11. If I Had You
12. This Nearly Was Mine
13. Sweet Lorraine

This ‘N’ That – recorded 2004.  Features ten versions of tunes that everyone knows plus three original tunes.  Each tune was recorded by Chuck playing guitar and using a keyboard sequencer.

Click on the titles to hear samples:
1. Kansas City
2. Down By The Riverside
3. Sail Along Silvery Moon
4. Late In the Evening
5. Hooray
6. Georgia
7. Perhaps
8. My Blue Heaven
9. Southern Nights
10. Apple of My Eye
11. Blue Hawaii
12. Margaritaville
13. Are You Havin’ Any Fun

Plan B – Recorded 2000.  Great American Song Book: Cole Porter, Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer, etc.

Click on the titles to hear samples:
1. I Didn’t Know What Time it Was (Rodgers/Hart) Arr. by Joe Gilboy
2. Come Rain or Come Shine (Arlen/Mercer) Arr. by Hank Stanley
3. Moonglow (Hudson/Delange) Arr. by Hank Stanley
4. Give Me the Simple Life (Bloom/Ruby) Arr. by Chuck Bené
5. Georgia (Carmicheal/Garrett) Arr. by Ed Doyle
6. Yellow Days* (Carrillo/Bernstein) Arr. by Chuck Bené
7. Back In Your Own Backyard (Jolson/Rose/Dreyer) Arr. by Ed Doyle
8. Baby, Won’t You Please Come Home (Warfield/Williams) Arr. by Chuck Bené
9. I Got It Bad (Elington) Arr. by Chuck Bené
10. Time After Time (Cohn/Stein) Arr. by Ed Doyle
11. Cuando, Cuando (Pericoli/Boone) Arr. by Chuck Bené
12. As Long As I Live (Arlen/Koehler) Arr. by Chuck Bené
* Additional persussion: John Herrera

For more information on purchasing CDs, contact Chuck at

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